Install Telepresence by running the commands below for your OS. If you are not the administrator of your cluster, you will need administrative RBAC permissions to install and use Telepresence in your cluster.

# Install via brew:
brew install datawire/blackbird/telepresence
# OR install manually:
# 1. Download the latest binary (~60 MB):
sudo curl -fL -o /usr/local/bin/telepresence
# 2. Make the binary executable:
sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/telepresence

What's Next?

Follow one of our quick start guides to start using Telepresence, either with our sample app or in your own environment.

Installing nightly versions of Telepresence

We build and publish the contents of the default branch, release/v2, of Telepresence nightly, Monday through Friday, for macOS (Intel and M1 chips), Linux, and Windows.

The tags are formatted like so: vX.Y.Z-nightly-$gitShortHash.

vX.Y.Z is the most recent release of Telepresence with the patch version (Z) bumped one higher. For example, if our last release was 2.3.4, nightly builds would start with v2.3.5, until a new version of Telepresence is released.

$gitShortHash will be the short hash of the git commit of the build.

Use these URLs to download the most recent nightly build.

# For Macs with Intel chip (X86)
# For Macs with M1 chip (ARM)

Installing older versions of Telepresence

Use these URLs to download an older version for your OS (including older nightly builds), replacing x.y.z with the versions you want.