Installing Telepresence


On OS X you can install Telepresence by running the following:

brew install --cask osxfuse
brew install datawire/blackbird/telepresence-legacy

Ubuntu 16.04 or later

Run the following to install Telepresence:

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt install --no-install-recommends telepresence

If you are running another Debian-based distribution that has Python 3.5 installable as python3, you may be able to use the Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) packages. The following works on Linux Mint 18.2 (Sonya) and Debian 9 (Stretch) by forcing the PackageCloud installer to access Xenial packages.

curl -sO
sudo env os=ubuntu dist=xenial bash
sudo apt install --no-install-recommends telepresence

A similar approach may work on Debian-based distributions with Python 3.6 by using the Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful) packages.

Fedora 26 or later

Run the following:

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo dnf install telepresence

If you are running a Fedora-based distribution that has Python 3.6 installable as python3, you may be able to use Fedora packages. See the Ubuntu section above for information on how to invoke the PackageCloud installer script to force OS and distribution.

Arch Linux

Until we have a correct and working AUR package, please install from source. See issue #135 for the latest information.


See the Windows support documentation.

Install from source

On systems with Python 3.5 or newer, install into /usr/local/share/telepresence and /usr/local/bin by running:

sudo env PREFIX=/usr/local ./

Install the software from the list of dependencies to finish.

Install into arbitrary locations by setting other environment variables before calling the install script. See the install script for more information. After installation you can safely delete the source code.

Other platforms

Don't see your favorite platform? Let us know and we'll try to add it. Also try installing from source.


If you install Telepresence using a pre-built package, dependencies other than kubectl are handled by the package manager. If you install from source, you will also need to install the following software.

  • kubectl (OpenShift users can use oc)
  • Python 3.5 or newer
  • OpenSSH (the ssh command)
  • sshfs to mount the pod's filesystem
  • conntrack and iptables on Linux for the vpn-tcp method
  • torsocks for the inject-tcp method
  • Docker for the container method
  • sudo to allow Telepresence to
    • modify the local network (via sshuttle and pf/iptables) for the vpn-tcp method
    • run the docker command in some configurations on Linux
    • mount the remote filesystem for access in a Docker container