• Fast dev cycle: no more waiting for your whole deployment pipeline to finish just to try a small change! A local process on your laptop is exposed via a Service in your Kubernetes or OpenShift staging cluster (a local minikube or a cluster in the cloud.)
  • Realistic environment: transparently access other microservices in a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster, as well as cloud resources like AWS RDS. Your code can also read the same environment variables and volumes a normal Kubernetes pod would have.
  • Use your own tools: edit, run and debug your code locally, just as you would any other application.

How it works:
Telepresence substitutes a proxy image for your normal container in the Kubernetes cluster. Your local code gets transparent access to the Kubernetes network by using LD_PRELOAD to hijack TCP connections and reroute them through that proxy pod, bootstrapping off of kubectl port-forward. Volumes are proxied using sshfs.

Get started in 3 minutes:
  1. Install locally with Homebrew, apt or dnf.
  2. Run telepresence -m inject-tcp -n test --run-shell.
  3. You now have a shell that proxies network connections to Kubernetes!

Telepresence is sponsored by Project Blackbird, helping you deploy microservices on Kubernetes in AWS