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Ambassador's bird

Service Preview and the Ambassador Edge Stack

The Delivery Acceleration product within the Ambassador Edge Stack supports local development of Kubernetes services through advanced traffic routing and innovative CI/CD technology. The Service Preview feature leverages Telepresence to allow teams of developers to test and develop individual microservices locally while maintaining the rest of the microservices in the cloud.

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What the Community Is Saying About Telepresence

Run a local process in Kubernetes with Telepresence

By Kentaro Wakayama

This post walks through how the engineers at Coder Society use Telepresence in their Kubernetes development stack to gain access to running Kubernetes services without having to expose them publicly.

Smarter local development of Kubernetes microservices with Telepresence

Featured on Stacktical

Installing projects locally as a developer has always been tedious, and microservices make that even more complicated. In this post, Stacktical talks about how Telepresence makes it super fast and easy for them to work amongst existing Kubernetes microservices.

5 open source tools for microservices developers on Kubernetes

By Richard Li

Kubernetes has powerful features for container scheduling, service discovery, and load balancing, but what tools exist for developers who are developing software on Kubernetes? This post covers 5 popular open source tools, including Telepresence!

Productive Dev Environments for Kubernetes

By Philip Lombardi

This talk from the NYC Kubernetes meetup covers strategies and trade-offs for setting up productive and realistic development environments for microservices and includes a demo of Telepresence.

Running Spark Drivers with Telepresence

By Nate Buesgens

The team at uses Spark for analyzing and modeling clickstream data, Kubernetes for orchestrating their Spark cluster, and Telepresence to make the Spark application development workflow more efficient.

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