Announcing Telepresence 2!

In November 2020 we released Telepresence 2.0.0 to a small early-access audience, and have been increasing its exposure ever since then. We've had a banner on the web-page promoting v2, and have been encouraging community members to try upgrading from v1; but because v2 is such a big change, we had been holding of on switching the "default" Telepresence to be v2; v1 was still what was on the homepage, and was still what master was in Git.

Well, over the last 6 months we've made massive strides with v2, and have finally made the switch-over: Changing the website and Git to be oriented around v2.

As a regular end-user of Telepresence, you should find everything you need in the upgrading documentation.

As a developer of Telepresence, you may notice some funny business with your existing Git checkout of Telepresence. We've made a few changes to the Git repo:

  • We've renamed the old master branch to release/v1; there is no longer a master branch.
  • We've changed the default branch to be release/v2

All existing GitHub pull requests for v1 have automatically been re-targetted from master to release/v1.

If you have an existing local Git checkout, the next time you git fetch, you'll want to pass the --prune flag to clean up anything pointing to the old master branch.

You should be able to switch your checkout v2 as simply as git checkout release/v2 (after fetching, of course). However, be warned: Don't try to rebase any of your v1 work on to v2. They do not share any Git history, and moreover v2 is a complete rewrite in a different language.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on GitHub or in the #telepresence channel on our Community Slack.